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Smarty >@China made jetliner flies first regional route
Nikkodetig >@China says Indian drone 'invaded' its airspace, crashed
2017-12-08 03:59:12.
RalfTig >@China joins the 'big jet club'
2017-11-28 03:05:56.
Opera70 >@Air_China first in @China to operate both Neo and Max narrowbodies
2017-11-21 04:38:25.
R_Lalchan >On November 9, @Boeing and @China Aviation Suppliers Holding Company signed an agreement for 300 aircraft during a ceremony in @Beijing
2017-11-10 02:24:35.
S_Weiss >@China signs for 300 @Boeing aircraft
2017-11-09 15:18:36.
FabioCPU >@China curbs tourism to North Korea ahead of @Trump visit
2017-11-08 03:58:18.
FabioCPU >The Commercial Aircraft Corp. of @China has flown its C919 aircraft for the third time—five weeks after its second flight
2017-11-08 03:47:18.
Dolusdog >@China calls on @France to ensure security of its citizens
2017-11-07 03:05:07.
TomHanks >@Delta Expands Trans-Pacific Service to @China
2017-07-21 01:29:02.
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